What I paint and why… well, why not?

2012 ANAC award winners

As soon as I get the photos (good ones, I took some but anything under glass has a horrible reflection) I will have all this on the website, but for now I will post the winners.

Best in show was Tina Simeon’s pencil “Checking out the Ride”

Runner up Howard Kaye’s watercolor “Purses”

The Strathmore award went to Amy Tomasevicz’s pastel “Yellow Sedum”

Golden award, Missi Paul’s watercolor “Sunlit Glaziery

Cheap Joe’s award Patsy Smith’s watermedia “Splendid Bouquet”

Grumbacher award is Kenneth Bassett’s acrylic and oil  “Out Back”

Certificate of Excellence – Betty Carlson, Erna Beach, Theresa Rhodes, Steph Mantooth, Sheila Phelps, Cynthia Egging, Diane Noonan, Brian Weber, Linda Jorgensen, Marilyn Belschner, Jerry Gronewold, Grete Sandberg, Judy Martindale, Lissa Cassel (2 pieces), Ron Evans, Gary Ginther, Marlene Meitl, De De Hill, Virginia Clark, Kevin Baker, Chana Orton, Art Whitton, and Dan Brost.

Honorable mentions – Phyllis Thorne, Loranda Bouy, Nancy Klammer, Sharon Oliver, Layne Mills, Dan Rowse, Jana VanHousen, Celest Sullivan, Laura Lyn Pilakowski, Mary Ringenberg (2), Dawn Hesnault, Marilyn Belschner, Brad Pearson, Terri Allen, Ray Walter, Diana Jo Tweedy, Fran Upp, Joy Long, Kevin McNichols, Kassidy Linaberry, Chana Orton, Susan Pavelka, Cindy Chinn and Sue Oiler Dowse.

The MONA purchase went to Susan Hart of Kearney.  Congratulations to everyone, it was a big show with a lot of nice work. The judge did a great job, and I believe he was impressed with the quality of work the Nebraska artists produced.    Here is Phyllis Thorne’s “Garden Frog Visiting” that earned an honorable mention.  The judge asked me if this was supposed to be a real frog or a fake one.  I happened to know that she was doing a series on stone figures, and said so.  You’re welcome, Phyllis.  And I knew that because Sue Dowse told me so. You can thank her the next time you see her!


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